Cheeks and Chugs is Closed.

If you are a Chug Family member, please go down to "Contact Us".

If you are just a fan of our critters, we have two Facebook options & one website:


This page belongs to our favorite critters. It is a "Like" page on Facebook. We post photos and videos of the silly things they do, with comical captions. This page is still in start up, so I don't post too often yet. But I do hope to be posting 2-3 times per week, once it gets going. (


This page is all about my chickens. It is a "Like" page on Facebook. We post pretty photos, and pretty & sometimes funny videos, and birds for sale. I usually post 2 or 3 times a week. Or as birds become available for sale. I do NOT spam the feed, I promise! (


This is the official website for my fancy chickens. It has information on the breeds, and photo galleries featuring many of my stunners, and a few not so stunning birds. It also has my price list, and availability of hatching eggs, chicks and adults. This site is updated daily. (


Contact us:

You may only contact us, if you already have a puppy from us, or are a family member of someone else who does. We do have a family group on Facebook. If you missed the opportunity to join, I can still get you in. Click on the e-mail address below. The subject is pre-filled. Just add the name of the Chug from our family, that you are associated with.

I do NOT give referrals to other breeders because I have no way of verifying that they are reputable.

And, the only advice I have for Backyard breeders is:

Leave it to the professionals. Without the proper education & skills, you are only contributing to the problem. Healthy animals, who do not get abandoned, come from professional breeders who are in it for the love of the breed, not to make a fast buck. And, who screen potential homes very carefully before adoption. The End.

E-mail us:

To insure receipt of our responses, add our e-mail address to your approved senders. If you didn't get a response, please check your bulk/spam folder.

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